THE BUSINESS CONNECTION (TBC) is a business referral group that encourages the growth of each Member’s business by the passing of qualified referrals. It is a Voluntary Association with a separate Legal Identity from its members. Only one Member per profession may join TBC. The highest standard of ethics is upheld and Members are expected to act in a professional and honest manner. All Members must endeavour to react immediately to referrals received and must provide quality service. Members are expected to be at the weekly meetings with three absenteeism’s being the maximum per six-month period. Members who do not act as above will be expected to improve performance immediately, failing which TBC reserves the right to terminate the membership of the defaulting Member and replace with the same or similar profession. If a Membership is terminated for any reason, no refund will become due for fees paid in advance.

TBC is not designed to make profit and any surpluses will be used to further promote the group through advertising and/or marketing activities. In the event of the group ceasing to exist, any funds left in cash or in its accounts will be utilised in another organisation with similar aims and goals.

I am a Business Owner and identify with the ideals of the Constitution, how do I sign up?