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Cara Kerr


Caperberry Corporate Gifts had its beginnings in 2000 starting with the creation and supply of bespoke gift hampers. As Caperberry developed so did the range of products we can supply. Caperberry Corporate Gifts focuses on 3 areas of gifting:

  1. Bespoke gift hampers – small or large gifts, tailor made to suit your requirements or select from successful ideas
  2. Promotional and branded corporate gifts and clothing
  3. Gifting differently – gifting to charity organizations

Give a gift to say: thank you, happy birthday, year-end, sorry we messed up!

Brand a promotional gift for marketing, events, brand awareness, promos, conferences

Brand clothing: to create uniformity in your company, or an event

Gift differently: select a charity to send a gift to, as thank you to your client. Tick a few boxes, thank you, marketing and corporate social investment (CSI)


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