10 Things We Do

There are various “things” we get up to in the meeting which will take you a while to get a handle on, but I should mention a few:  

  1. The 1 minute talk. Use these to give us short information about your business. Try to use a “hook” that will keep us thinking about your business for the next week. Most members get slack with this, but the more we remember about your business this week, the more we are likely to refer business to you.
  2. The 5 minute Educational. The week before your 10 minute talk, you will be expected to do a 5 minute educational talk. This can be on any topic at all that would add value to the lives of the members (considering your profession, this should be easy!)
  3. The 10 minute talk. You will be invited, fairly shortly, to give us a 10 minute talk about your business (instead of the 1 minute talk). This is a good opportunity for us to hear more about your business and get to know you better. Fill out a Bio-sheet and bring it with you so that it can be read out before you get up to speak.
  4. Referrals. This is the most important “thing” we do! Each week we record the referrals we have generated for one another and hand them out on the little slips at the end of the meeting. The principle of “givers gain” is absolutely true in this context. You will notice that generally, those who give the most leads (i.e. are actively networking) tend to get the most leads in return.
  5. The Door Prize. The 10 minute speaker is obliged to bring a small gift for which we have a draw at the end of each session. Those that pass leads on the morning are eligible for the draw. Failure to bring a door prize will result in a R100 fine, payable immediately and in cash. This goes into and is accounted for in a separate kitty.
  6. Bi-Annual Subs are payable in Feb & August each year – by EFT. Your first payment will be for a full term. Your second payment will be a pro-rata determined by the number of meetings between your first meeting and the next renewal date.
  7. Emails. You will be added to our email list by Tim Short. All general emails sent to the address below will be delivered to your mailbox. The general email address is bizzconnect@thebusinessconnection.co.za – use this when you want to communicate with the whole group at once. Apologies for missing upcoming meetings should be sent to: committee@bizzconnect.co.za.
    Proof of payment should be sent to: bank@bizzconnect.co.za.
  8. Website. Our website url is: www.thebusinessconnection.co.za. You will be provided with access to the site to update your profile. This is only available to paid-up & current members.
  9. Other members. You are encouraged to get to know all of the members. So, feel free to call or email any of us. Set up a meeting if you wish or pop in at their premises – perhaps invite some to visit you. Make sure you have each member’s contact details loaded onto your phone for ease of reference.
  10. Business Swop. Every now and then we surprise everyone by making members present a 1-minute talk on a business other than their own. This shows how much info we are retaining and encourages us all to be listening carefully each week. It will also highlight when members are not successfully describing their business activities.
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