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Tracy Springorum

What is pre-estate planning?

I offer a Pre-Estate Planning service which consists of ensuring people have their affairs in order.

Pre-Estate planning is the process of gathering your personal information and documents and assimilating the relevant collated information into a single folder.


Why should one pre-estate plan?

We will all one day leave this world – that is a certainty.  Unfortunately, it is a subject that few like to broach, no matter the age.  All too often, people fail to maintain a register of personal information creating unnecessary distress and confusion for their loved ones, whilst unintentionally burdening them with the unenviable task of tracing the whereabouts of relevant information and documentation required when winding up an estate.


The first section of the Pre-Estate Planning process is to ensure that your estate can be wound up as efficiently and quickly as possible upon your death.

The second section is a step-by-step guide to assist your loved ones during their time of grief with the actual process of registering a death, arranging a funeral, along with handy tips when it comes to clearing up/disposing of unwanted belongings.


Your foresight in having a one-stop-shop folder of your “world” in a tidy package takes the sting out of what could possibly be a very taxing and time-consuming process, simultaneously assisting the estate’s executor in their duties.

Letters of gratitude from happy clients

Dear Tracy

David and I wish to offer you our thanks and appreciation for your excellent handling of preparing the documents needed for winding up our estate which will make it so much easier for the family.

We were very impressed by your knowledge of the procedures to be followed, which saved us a great deal of worry and we are grateful we made use of your services. 

Best wishes

David and Joyce Damp


Dear Tracy

Losing a family member is so traumatic and one is then expected to deal with the associated paperwork. I am eternally grateful for the dedicated work you have done in preparing the necessary information and documentation. As a family we would not have known how to begin, and this would have been an overwhelming experience had it not been for your thorough preparation.

You were meticulous, thorough, so professional and still managed to envelope our experience in compassion and understanding.

I shall share your expertise with both old and young friends as what you do is applicable to any age group.

With love and gratitude

Mandy Leigh

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