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Natalie Collier (Associate)
Michael Matthews (Partner)
Damian Enslin (Partner)
Barry Gregg (Partner)

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About Michael Matthews & Associates

Natalie Collier

Natalie completed her Bachelor of Commerce and postgraduate LLB degrees at the University of Stellenbosch. Natalie is currently an Associate at Michael Matthew & Associates and practices in a variety of different areas. Her speciality lies in commercial matters, which include contract law, company law, company secretarial, tax, debt collection, liquidations and evictions.

Michael Matthews

Damian Enslin

Barry Gregg

Michael Matthews & Associates is one of Cape Town’s most respected firm of attorneys. We offer a broad spectrum of legal services including: 

  1. Property law;
  2. Contracts and Commercial law;
  3. Matrimonial and Family law;
  4. High Court and Magistrates Court litigation and arbitration;
  5. Third-party Claims;
  6. Administration of Estates; and
  7. Firearms law.


Michael Matthews & Associates is situated at the heart of the Constantia Valley and we are proud to care for clients from all over the world. International and local clients have engaged with our firm since 1997 and our unique legal team and staff are able to offer diverse legal solutions to the myriad of legal issues which people, their families or their businesses may face.


Michael Matthews & Associates was founded by Michael Matthews almost 20 years ago and we have grown into a highly successful firm with five professional attorneys, three of whom are partners. We have a team that varies in terms of speciality and years of qualification, which allows us to assign the correct member to our client’s matters. More information on the team can be found here.


Our aim is to really understand our clients and their legal concerns, to make sure our clients receive the most accurate and correct legal advice and to assist our clients to make the right decisions.


Michael Matthews & Associates prides itself in offering affability, affordability, availability and in our ability to maintain high levels of service, outstanding product quality and quick turnaround times.


Further information regarding the services that we offer can be found on our website.


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