THE BUSINESS CONNECTION (TBC) is a business referral group that encourages the growth of each Member’s business by the sharing of business experience and the passing of qualified referrals.

Members meet weekly in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town to discuss business issues, share ideas and advice – attendance is mandatory. Without this, the long-term trust relationships could not be maintained.

TBC is a not-for-profit organisation and any surpluses will be used to further promote the group through advertising and/or marketing activities.

Prospective Members

Should you wish to join TBC, please come to visit us first before making this decision. Please complete the Visitor Request form and we’ll contact you to invite you to a meeting.

Our Principles

  • Attendance at meetings is worth the time and extremely valuable to building relationships and growing networks
  • One member per profession may join at a time
  • The highest standard of ethics are upheld and members are expected to act in a professional and honest manner
  • Members must endeavor to react immediately to referrals received, providing quality service
  • Givers Gain is a proven tenet – those most engaged get the most out.

Meeting Location and Time

The Gourmet Junction, Westlake Square, Westlake, Cape Town. Wednesdays, 07:1508:30

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