About Lyno

James Langridge

Not moving as well as you want to, or as well as you did? Old injuries keep resurfacing, despite all your efforts to treat them? Time to try something different. Treat the cause, not the symptom!


The Lyno Method was specifically developed to correct, release and remove compensation patterns, caused by injuries that often chronically recur. We align the body to neutral, through the gentle release of locked fascia, which is often the part of the body that retains the pattern of trauma. Thus, we correct the movement of the body, thereby giving it more mobility and providing it with increased range.


We use a 3-prong approach, namely 5 bodyweight exercises (called the Bunkie Test), range of movement discrepancy tests (called FROM tests) and soft-touch fascia releases. We do a full initial assessment using these tests, (as well as a subjective investigation into your history of injuries and movement habits), to provide us with a baseline of how your body moves. This assessment usually takes approximately 90min on average, and we often see long-lasting results from the 3rd session onwards. Please note, this may vary, as it greatly depends on the body’s response to the modality.

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